Monday 14 May 2012

I come from Planet ZARK dear Super Boy

Boy Story Quilt 
Final 2 blocks
Block 8

Nothing like a cute alien to mix things up a little.

He doesn't appear to be to friendly though

One block to go ..... almost there

Block 9 :o)

I cant believe that I have made it this far in such a short time.

I might even miss working on these blocks EVERY night

You know what this means now don't you?

Have a great evening.


  1. Ooooo,can't wait.Is the quilt for one of your children Sharon?
    I love all those little stitchy bits. I check in everyday to see how it's going.
    Love Laura xx

  2. hahaha i feel another quilt is lurking in the background quite close by.But seriously Sharon this is one awesome quilt i love it more and more each block that you do.xx

  3. Wow Sharon, these two blocks look AMAZING!!! You have seriously outdone yourself getting these done in such a short time!! ... You've definitely inspired me to make one of these quilts for my cousin's little boy's 6th birthday next year (lol, he's just had his 5th, but I won't have the time to get it done for him before this dry season ... and I think I'd better make a quilt for MY daughter ... and maybe even me ... before I do one for him, lol! I checked with his mum the other day to see if she thought he'd like it and her response was a resounding "YES!!" ... Looking forward to seeing how you decide to finish this one off!!!

  4. they are so great... each block makes me smile... you will miss it... but I'm sure there is another fun one waiting for you to give it some attention...

  5. It is so great! I just have been enjoying the progress so much


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