Tuesday 15 May 2012

Deja vu

How was your day?

Mine .... Arghhh  :(

School Phones ...... 
Ambulance was called  ......  
I called Hubby .........  
and a few hours spent sitting at the hospital and .....

Does this look familiar?

No 1 Son - aka Aiden
BUT last time it was this child

No 2 Son - aka Declyn
Different child, different leg,
Same type of Splint, both on Crutches.
Both injuries happened at school.

Dec is still doing Rehab and Physio and now Aiden!
Verdict - Dislocated Patella and possible ACL injury.
(Insert me, rolling eyes and shaking my head!)

You don't even what to know my reaction when they told me 
at the hospital that another splint was coming home with us.

The positive flip on all this?

I have managed to get their Specialist / Physio appointments back to back on Friday.

I am glade I can see the funny side because if I couldn't I think I would cry :(

"Boys will be boys"
and I have warned the girls! lol



  1. Oh you poor thing. I hope they are good patients for you. X

  2. Oh no! I hope this one heals quickly!

  3. You do have more than you share Sharon.Hope both boys get fit quickly.
    Carry on quilting.xxx Laura

  4. ohhh nooo,did you run over a chinaman Sharon,hope both boys heal quickly,big hugs.xx

  5. What are those boys doing at school! Sorry to hear you have had a bad time of it lately. Keep positive and ban those two from playing football LOL. Hope Aiden heals quickly and that Declan is also quick on the mend. Plenty of stitching time while waiting at physio dept now LOL.

  6. OMG...
    well look at it this way... things can only improve from here... well fingers crossed they do! :)

  7. Oh my goodness... I can't believe that... they must be close and having sympathy accidents!!! The juggling life of a mum with teeanagers!!! can you do your handsewing whilst you are waiting at doctors????

  8. OOH! Sending healing hugs ;-)

  9. Yep, I have boys too and the only joy was that neither of them were very keen on sport! Otherwise I'm sure it would have been worse for injuries!

  10. Awe the memories...mine are grown now and still the injuries continue. A mother is a mother forever! Best of luck to you and hope your boys mend quickly.


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