Wednesday 16 May 2012

A FINISHED flimsy ... do you want to see?

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who has stayed with me
and watched this Quilt grow. Thank you for all your comments and I do
 apologise for not reply to them all.
My email program is having trouble staying open and thus causing me
problems in replying. So please know that I love receiving your comments
and they really brighten my day. Thank you

Boy Story Quilt

It still has a bit more work to be done on it. 
Like the quilting, binding, label and matching cushion but here is the flimsy :o)

I have no idea what colour binding to go with so please feel free to make a suggestion or two.

It is now in the hands of Linda at LadyBug Quilting here in Bendigo
so hopefully the next time you see it, it will be finished, with binding and label and ready to post off to my little Nephew, in time for his birthday with a matching cushion. 
The cushion is in the making and if I didn't spend so many hours at the hospital yesterday I
might have had it finished, so soon, I promise :o)



  1. well done Sharon this is one awesome quilt,maybe for the binding you can go the lovely blue that is in the quilt or that red,i know what ever you choose will be spot on.xx

  2. This is AWESOME Sharon!!! It looks AMAZING!!! ... For the binding I think I would go with a blue or red like Shez ... but then a green would be lovely too! Does the birthday boy have a favourite colour that is found in the quilt? Maybe you could go with that? ... Whatever you choose will be lovely! Looking forward to see it in all it's quilted gorgeousness!!

  3. It is just fantastic... well done .. you know how much I love this quilt.... Any of the colours in there would be great for binding.. just different... I think I would probably pick out the dark maroon/red ..... a lovely gift (aren't you a little bit tempted to keep it?)

  4. Oh it looks fantastic Sharon. The colors are so bright and strong. I think it will grow with your nephew and be loved for years. A dark red or dark blue binding might frame it well. Great job!

  5. absolutely fantastic!! Great job getting the flimsy done so quickly.

  6. Sharon it absolutely fabulous,you have done a great job.I have really enjoyed watching this one grow.Your nephew is sure to love it.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.
    I might try one of these for my grandson Bryce.xx

  7. Ohh its gorgeous, great colours and I love those stitcheries...I think a burgandy binding would compliment the quilt. Your nephew is a lucky boy!!

  8. Oh my goodness. It's beautiful! Absolutely beautiful.

  9. Its gorgeous Sharon. I dropped into the patchwork shop on View Street today and seen some great quilts in there and there was a boy one in the front window too. Such a treasure trove inside that door lol.

  10. beautiful, i'm sure he will happy with it, pretty good job!

  11. Fantastic Sharon, you have made a wonderful job of this quilt!


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