Sunday 13 May 2012

Back to the weekend

O.K. My camera and Computer are playing friendly again
 and I have been able to get some pictures transferred over.
So lets get back to my "Lazy Saturday" and sorry for the two posts in one day.

If you remember I was going to play with these,

I now have a pile of these

16 panels measuring 16.5" x 20.5"
they now need the batting added and then they will be
ready to go and become my Scrap Busting project for 2012,
my "Bottled Rainbow" quilt

Mothers Day

How beautiful is my Mothers Day Card and butterfly.

I just love the little things that the kids make. 
Keegan made the card at school and yesterday she sat with Lily 
and helped her make the butterfly.
Just priceless to watch.
Aiden brought my Coffee in Bed and Declyn made me Brunch.
For me they are worth way more than anything that can be purchased.

I was super spoilt this year with some added gifts to play with

FQ Bundle of Vintage Modern

and a Kit t make a new Bag, chockies and more.
Thank you family xx

For me. Mothers Day is a time for reflection.
When I was 9yo my dad's birthday fell on the Mothers Day weekend
It was only 11 months after he passed away.
So as well as celebrating and acknowledging everything my mum has done for us
I remember my dad, 
celebrate the short time I had with him and 
wish him a Happy Birthday.
 Love you Dad xx


  1. Oh Sharon what a bittersweet celebration for you. Some treasured memories have been made this year by your family what more can you ask for than that. Have a very special Mother's Day!

  2. What a lovely day for you!
    I, too had a fathers b'day sometimes fall on Mothers day... it's always a little sad remembering lost loved ones! :(
    But THANK heavens we had them at all! :)

  3. Glad to hear your Mothers Day was a good day ... Time for reflection is always good ... So sad to hear your father passed when you were so young though!! My heart goes out to you xoxo!! ... Your gifties are lovely - I'm kinda thinking that coffee, brunch, card and butterfly trump the fabric though ... Lol, what I would give to have a FQ bundle of Vintage Modern too, lol - another great range from Camille! ... And your Bottled Rainbow panels look fantastic ... thought that was what you were making with them!! Looking forward to seeing this grow over the coming month or so (or should I say ... week?!! Lol!) Enjoy your week Sharon!! Hugs!!


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