Sunday 27 May 2012

Bottled Rainbow and Secret Squirrel business!

Bottled Rainbow
Week 2 

I seem to have lots of green scraps but 
when it came to doing this block I fell short with not many blending with the 
"Cactus" shading.

Must remember to pick an easier colour to work with next week.

Here are my two block so far.

I have also been doing a little 
Secret Squirrel Sewing
this weekend.

I am participating in two exciting Christmas swaps.


Sadly all I can show you is what is in my bin!

Sorry Julie and Shez but this is all I can share 



  1. Your bottled rainbow blocks look good enough to be quilts themselves. I think the shades of green have turned out very well. You are so organised with your Christmas swaps.

  2. great rainbow blocks

  3. lol,you are enjoying teasing Sharon,i can hear you laughing,lovely scraps though,lol.Great blocks Sharon i love how this is shaping up.xx

  4. Lovely rainbow blocks Sharon.Another one I enjoy watching progress .xxx

  5. Another lovely rainbow block!

  6. The bottled rainbow blocks look like quite a lot of work is involved.. it will look lovely .... like the sneaky peak.... lucky girls...


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