Wednesday 2 May 2012

All for the Love of a little Boy

A Boy Story Quilt

Have I told you why I am making this Quilt?
It will be for my one and only Nephew.
He is 10 weeks younger than my Miss Lily so I really 
need to keep working on this project if he is going to get it on time for his birthday.

If all else fails he gets it for Christmas, but I am aiming for his birthday!

So with that said, here is block 4 :o)

I must go as I have another block to piece and a train and space ship to work on!

Update on Dec.
The dreaded Split is no longer a resident of our home.....YAY :o)
Physio starts Friday. So, six weeks of rehab here we come :o)

Have a great day.



  1. Good news on the Declan front... excellent.... I am going to have to do this quilt... each time I see one of you blocks I get the flutters...

  2. so pleased for Declyn and boy your boy's quilt is looking awesome,love the blocks Sharon.xx

  3. Great news about DS. Love the quilt and so will Liam. Great looking pattern too! :)

  4. Great news about Dec!!! Best of Luck for the physio to be successful!! ... Loving the latest block!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! This is coming along really well!!! How many blocks are in this quilt? 12?

  5. this is beautiful and you're right perfect for a boy

  6. Love your Boys Story quilt the colours are perfect. Liam will love it I'm sure. The cartoons are so much fun to stitch aren't they... they made me giggle anyway.
    It's looking great...

  7. You are so clever - I love the little cartoon strips. I think he will love it!

  8. Your Boys Story quilt is looking wonderful, you're making great progress. Good news with Dec, hope the physio goes well.


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