Tuesday 1 May 2012

Alphabet Challenge anyone?

It's on!
The Alphabet Challenge that is :o)
Do you want to play?


Cheryll has made the first one easy by giving us a list of 5 items.
When we have purchased / made them we then do a blog post and email Cheryll
to let her know that we have done it. We have three weeks.

Then it becomes a Secret Swap :)
It's an International swap so feel free to jump on board and

We get to visit the other blogs to see what everyone else has done and then wait patiently for the mail man.

This challenge is based on the letter
and the five items are :-

Asian or African FQ
Animal Buttons x 4
Apricot Ribbon x 1mtr / 1 yrd
Azure Coloured Thread
Apron using Apricot or Aqua

I LOVE Apricot and Aqua together :o)

Now, how to take a list of items and try to think "outside of the box".
to create something with a little twist! 
Nothing like adding a little pressure to myself!

Have a great day. 
I'm taking Declyn back to the specialist today 
so fingers crossed that after 6 weeks he can come out of his Zimmer Splint
and start rehab.  Fingers crossed.



  1. Fingers crossed for Declyn Sharon and hope everything goes well for him.
    Yes this will be a fun swap with a bit of a twist,getting to see everyones iyems but not knowing what is being delivered to you,Chez comes up with some great swaps.xx

  2. Yes fingers toes and anything else I can cross xx?? for the two of you!
    Thanks for the advert too! :)

  3. All the best for Declan... hope all goes well.....I'm looking forward to watching what you all do but will skip this one out...


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