Monday 16 April 2012

Rupert the Bear

Am I admitting my age by saying that I love
Rupert the Bear?

Do you even know what/who Rupert the bear is?

I still have my Rupert Bear from when I was a little child.
He travelled out from the UK with me when I was only 3.

He is looking his age but he is an original Rupert and I wouldn't change a thing.
In the last little while I have started to collect the occasional Rupert memorabilia
and when in Melbourne at the weekend I walked past a Market Stall at Federation Square
and to my delight they had an Original Rupert Book in
great condition and at a great price so it came home with me
and I am now in the process of sharing his stories with Lily :o)

It is one of the "Rupert Annuals" and I am in love with him all over again.

My Rupert in Miniature.

Do you have something from your childhood that you still have a soft spot for?

Have an amazing day



  1. How lovely. I still have the teddy my Dad bought when I was a baby.

  2. Oh yes, I remember Rupert... and there was a TV programme and now that jingle will be in my head all day!! There are so many childhood fun books... Noddy, Beatrix Potter, Pooh Bear....

  3. That was a lovely story Sharon! I can't think of anything from my childhood... but I have plenty from my children's early years! :)

  4. No Rupert here! But I remember him and Paddington. I had always wanted a Paddington bear!

  5. Oh Sharon that is so cute. I remember Rupert well. Sometimes I feel a little nostalgic for my Basil Brush stuffed toy I had as a child. It was passed on to my cousin 4 years younger but don't know what happened to it since. It must be age, now in my forties I think about the funniest nostalgic things! Tracee xx

  6. Rupert had a bit of a resurgence when my boys were young, but I didn't remember him from my own childhood. I did like the noddy books and other Enid Blyton books.


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