Tuesday 17 April 2012

Melbourne Adventures

I don't remember the last time that we actually went into the city.
Very sad considering we only live and hour and a half away but last weekend
we did and it was Lily's first time. 
Poor little country girl, didn't know what hit her! lol

On our walk back from the AQC to the rest of the family,
 Lily and I enjoyed some busking entertainment.
Lily had a great time, can you tell?

Whilst we were at the AQC the rest of the family enjoyed a movie at the Gold Class Cinema at Crown.
They had a great time and the kids have informed us that it is the ONLY way to see a movie!

Oh, do you have a young lady in your house,
does she know who One Direction is? 

Well Keegan does and we just happened to be at Crown when they arrived from Sydney.
Let's just say, mass of girls all trying to get a glimpse, girly squeals .... getting the idea :o)

Moving on .... Eureka Skydeck
(Ekk... I have a fear of heights!)

Well I went up. 88 floors, look I have the proof  :o)

That's my feet (and Lily's) near the edge!

No fear for a 3 year old.

Beautiful views

Alas, I could not bring myself to go out on The Edge, but this lot did

Confined space, 88 floors up, glass bottom and not to mention that this bit slides out from the building when you are in there ........ No Way, not in a million years! lol

Have a fantastic day.



  1. Oh, that's making me nervous! ;) What a gorgeous city! Lily is such a doll! xo

  2. OMG Sharon i am with you no way would i stand out there, that glass bottom,oh how scary,i have goose bumps.xx

  3. Yes that is one freaky elevator. I can understand the fear. What a cutie Lily is. She is lucky to be a country kid. Those 1D boys are cute as little buttons! Tracee xx

  4. Oh I'm with YOU on heights. But I did manage a peek down from the tower too! Well worth the effort for those views! :)

  5. Fantastic photos....not sure about that elevator

  6. Oh my gosh... my legs are trembling even looking at the photos! I so hate heights and my kids delight in going right next to the edges just to stir me up!
    Sounds like a lovely day out. And I too love Rupert Bear!
    Therese xxx

  7. Looks like you had a great time. Mind you I wouldn't be caught dead anywhere near the edge either LOL. Thanks for sharing it with us

  8. Beautiful photos, amazing view from the tower! Your Lily is very cute!


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