Wednesday 18 April 2012

Marmalade, yes please

Oh My, I am in LOVE
and not so sure how I am going to survive until October!

I want Marmalade for breakfast :o)
I am loving the addition of the orange and yellow in this collection.

Enjoy your day, I am hoping to do a little work on my Boy Story Quilt today
but that is after I take Dec back to the Hospital for some more
follow up X-rays this morning.  The specialist dished the
bad news yesterday that there will be no footy season for him this year :o(
If he is lucky he might be able to participate in some light training sessions
towards the end of the season.

hugs, Sharon


  1. That fabric is so you.... it is gorgeous... poor Dec... will be frustrating for him... enjoy your boy story stitching...

  2. Oh poor Dec.. it's always hard sitting on the sideline watching! But there's always next season although boys never think there will be!!!!
    Enjoy your quilt making with all that jam.. oopps marmalade!

  3. I want some marmalade to, its beautiful. Roll on October

  4. Oh it's gorgeous! Good luck with the doc and your boy!

  5. oh so lovely,poor Dec but it is only 1 season,the next will be here before we know it.xx

  6. Poor Dec, hopefully this all means he will come back better & stronger for next season. Bonnie & Camille just can't stop bringing out beautiful fabrics. I am loving orange & yellow at the moment, colours I don't normally work with but now can't get enough of. Tracee xx

  7. Poor Dec! Prayers for quick recovery and that next season will be 'his', lol! ... Marmalade looks FABULOUS!!! Mmmm! Always love Bonnie and Camille's fabric ranges, but this one looks even better than is' predecessors!! (Is that even possible?!!! Lol!) ... Have fun with Boy's Story!!

  8. Thats bad news for Declan but it could have been a whole lot worse. I too like the look of your new dream range. Dont worry it will come out quick enough LOL


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