Tuesday 3 April 2012

Hopscotch Finish

Hopscotch in Bliss

I am doing a little happy dance here whilst I show you this one.
I am so pleased with how it has turned out.

I LOVE the fabric
I LOVE the design
I LOVE the quilting

I LOVE the triangles and the stars

and I LOVE the BACK

and I LOVE that my 9 year old wants it on her bed.
Now I just need to make Keegan some pillows to go with it :o)

~ Quilt Stats ~

Pattern - Hopscotch by Thimble Blossoms
Finished Size 60" x 70"
Fabric Top - Bliss Jelly Roll by Bonnie & Camille
Moda Bella Solid in Bettys Pink 9900 120
Moda RUBY Dot Aqua Fabric by Bonnie & Camille
Fabric Back - Moda Bella Solid in Ruby Ice Fabric 9900-169

You know, there is only one down fall (if I can call it that) from making this quilt and it is simply that I do not have a Jelly Roll of Bliss anymore for a future project :(  but I do have a beautiful quilt to show for it :) and lets face it, a beautiful quilt on a bed has to be better than a jelly roll on a shelf!

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  1. Sharon it is just gorgeous.... what a great quilt and definitely worth using your jelly roll of Bliss for....

  2. Your quilt is beautiful, and the quilting complements it perfectly. Love that you put the stats down the bottom - blogs are good for keeping record of our projects.

  3. Congrats on finishing such a beautiful quilt...on now you can see all the wonderful fabric as it should be in a quilt not rolled up on the shelf.

  4. Oh Yes I can see why you love it
    You will just have to go shopping to replace the jelly roll

  5. Sharon it is gorgeous,well done and i can see why Keegan wants it on her bed,awesome.xx

  6. Bliss is the perfect word for that quilt Sharon, it is gorgeous. Fabric on the shelf gives a little burst of happiness but your quilt on your daughters bed must amplify that by a million. Great result! Tracee xx

  7. It's gorgeous Sharon - I can see why she wants it on her bed. I'm like you - Just a charm pack and candy bar left of Bliss in my house - Sad days :)

    Hugs - Fee X

  8. Absolutely Gorgeous Sharon - My girls and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! xx

  9. Sharon this is awesome!!! What a fantastic job you've done on every part of it. Well done, I LOVE IT!!

  10. It's so gorgeous, Sharon! :o) And how did you get it done sooo fast? Amazing!

  11. Oh it's gorgeous and even better as your daughter approves of it too- that's probably the opinion that counts most! Have you bought up all Australia's supply of Bliss yet?

  12. Oh, how beautiful your quilt is! I love it, too!

  13. oh wow what a gorgeous quilt, it looks wonderful!

  14. Wow, that is awesome. I have a quilt with Bliss, but the hopescotch is awesome!!

  15. Really beautiful! That is a fun pattern!

  16. It's really really beautiful! I've come over from Fabric Tuesday @ Quilt Story, just couldn't resist clicking on your link!

  17. You have made beautiful choices! I especially love the quilting and may have to do the same thing to mine. I especially love the pink for the neutral :)

    Vanessa G.

  18. Sharon, it is simply beautiful! I love the quilting! It just really makes the pattern stand out. No wonder your daughter loves it!

  19. Gorgeous quilt!

  20. Very cute! I'm stopping by from QuiltStory's Link-up.


  21. My mouth is gaping! This is DIVINE Sharon...I love love love it! Bliss is my favourite fabric and you have made it shine. Beautiful job!

  22. Beautiful quilt Sharon, gorgeous pattern, gorgeous fabric and gorgeous quilting!! So nice your daughter wants it too.

  23. You did an awesome job on this quilt. Love it! It's so purty!



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