Wednesday 4 April 2012

Thank you and Update

I love opening pressies

My parcel arrived from Narelle yesterday and with a little help from Miss Lily we unwrapped the parcels

and look what goodies were inside :)

My new Journal, in pink and Green ..... i LOVE it
the green lace with the pink ribbon is perfect :)
a pen, some sticky tap dividers, a pretty magnet and some yummy chocolate
even a bag of Easter Eggs for Miss Lily.

Thank you Narelle, my new Journal is already in my hand bag and all the chockies have gone :)

Immediately after this pic Miss Lily ran off to share her eggs with her big brothers and sister.

Update on Declyn, he has been in his brace and on crutches for 12 days now.

We were hoping that all was healing well especially being Dec is our Sporty child that does not like to sit idle .. but (I hate it when there is a but) we spend a few hours at an Orthopaedic appointment yesterday and he has now been scheduled for an MRI this morning. 

It really is horrible to see your child try to lift his leg but have everything below the knee just flop and do nothing :( and here we were thinking that the next stage was physio, not possible surgery nearly 2 weeks after the injury occurred.  Fingers crossed we get a firm plan of action in place soon and we get him back on the mend ... I have warned him though, that he is banned from ever doing high-jump again! :)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day,


  1. wow Sharon what a wonderful parcel to receive,lovely journal cover and doesn't Miss Lily look happy.I hope Dec is better soon,sounds like it could be a long road to recovery,which will be frustrating for him,take care.xx

  2. lovely pressies... I can imagine you needed all that to brighten all day... lots of thumb holding and finger crossing for Declan...

  3. Sorry about Dec's injury, I hope the MRI will set him on the road to recovery. Great pressies! :)

  4. Hope the MRI shows exactly whats going on with Declan and that it gets sorted out promptly too.

  5. what lovely pressies!
    Good luck with the mri and hope you get a good outcome- and a definite one.

  6. Hi Sharon !
    I'm always so happy to look at your work !!!
    I can't always write a comment but I LOVE your quilts ! You're too fast for me ! :)
    I hope your son will be OK !
    Best wishes


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