Tuesday 24 January 2012

Rose Star - paper piecing

Have you heard of it?

They seem to be popping up and appearing more and more in Blogland at the moment.

rose star block
Image found on Pinterest
Are you tempted?

There is a tutorial here.
and an inspiring Flickr group here

I have joined the flickr group and printed off a couple of the templates and that was going to be it as I thought it might be a project for the cooler months and one that uses scraps.
But, I ended up sitting up and watching the tennis until 1am this morning
and not being one to let my fingers rest idle I started one.....

It is a bit like putting together a jigsaw puzzle :o)
Enjoy your day. I will be stressing over mechanics bills!
Both our cars have gone out in sympathy with each other.
One wont start and needs major repairs and the other makes this dead horrible grinding noise.

Maybe I should not stress over the bills but go an play with some fabric,
that always makes me feel better, how about you?

hugs, Sharon


  1. I'm resisting a paper piecing project at the moment but I think your blocks are looking lovely. I look forward to seeing more :)

  2. Sharon hope your cars are fixed soon and dont cost to much to repair,yep go play with some fabric.xx

  3. An intricate block but interesting. A good t.v. project. And I love your sewing machine find... looks great!

  4. They are lovely ... much more fun to play with fabric... hope the cars get sorted soon.... a bit of a pain when that happens...

  5. Hi Sharon I love to think of you sewing in the night!
    I very nearly did the same last night, though I was sewing hexagons in bed!!

  6. Lovely. Have been eying this off myself. Where did you print the templates from please. Hope you get your cars sorted. Hugs,

  7. I have been loving my paper piecing...........looks great


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