Wednesday 25 January 2012


My first Rose Star!

Finished this one off last night whilst watching the tennis :o)

I think that there will be more added to this one over time.
I am using the left over fabrics from my Vignette Mystery Quilt.
Might even prep another this afternoon ready for sewing.

Thinking this will be my new paper piecing quilt but there is no way that it will be finished as fast as my Hexagon quilt as these take a lot longer to stitch together.

If you want more info look at my post below for the links.

My backing fabric for my Swoon Quilt also arrived today,
 so I now need to think about sewing it up and then
trimming all the threads of the back of the top (I hate that part),
giving it a good iron and getting it ready to get quilted :o)

Enjoy your day, Sharon


  1. I love the star.. almost makes me want to paperpiece!!! One day I will.....

  2. Your rose star is simply wonderful...but I hate paper piecing. Look forward to seeing you swoon finish, my goodness you took no time to get those blocks done.

  3. That's a good use for the Vignette leftovers, very pretty.

  4. The rose star is gorgeous....I am caving in and going to have a look a the tute. Damn you LOL

  5. well done Sharon you are a pocket rocket,you just keep on going.xx

  6. gollly that star is awesome..and your swoon blocks are a delight to see,cheers Vickie

  7. That star is quite an accomplishment. So well pieced and lovely colors.

  8. I love the paperpieced star! Looks amazing. Cant wait to see your swoon back quilted either


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