Friday 9 December 2011

Sorting and Swapping

My afternoon was filled with all the colors of the rainbow
as I got to play with these....

they are the charms that have been posted in for the
Rainbow Charm Square Swap that I have been hosting.

So this afternoon I got to sit down and sort them into piles and ready to post to all the ladies that have participated. They now look like this ....

and are on their way home ...  watch your letter boxes ladies
and thank you for making it a great swap.

With all these rainbows around I have decided that my FNSI project tonight will be working on these.

but I also have plans for this

Enjoy your evening what ever you may be doing,


  1. The charm pile looks huge! I can't wait to get my parcel!

  2. you have been busy Sharon

  3. Oh how exciting !!!!!!! I can't wait. Now what to make with them ???
    Thanks so much for a wonderful swap and all your work.
    Hugs Tanya

  4. Thanks Sharon, can't wait to get my parcel. Happy FNSI stitching. Tracee xx

  5. How fun.. thanks for doing this - lovely idea.... now to plan what I will make...

  6. Gorgeous colours, I am looking forward to seeing what you make. Wendy

  7. They've arrived and I'm stacking and unstacking and sorting them...what fun!

  8. how does this work? someone else referred me, that's a great stack, I want to do it if you have another one...

  9. bea ...... you are a no reply blogger so I cant relpy! can you email me at and we can talk


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