Wednesday 21 December 2011

A new Baby

No I'm not pregnant!   But I have started a new project, of sorts.

Before I discovered my love of sewing and quilting I used to Reborn all the time.
(The baby in my Header is one of my many Reborn Babies). 
Well I had the urge to paint again this week and being that my Linen press is full of reborning supplies
I figured, why not.

This baby is not completed but here is a picture of the unpainted sculpt and my progress thus far.

As you can see he is already coming to life.

When he is finished I will decide if he will be entered into the local Dolly and Teddy Show early next year or if he will be going straight off to eBay. 
I will keep you up to date with his progress.

Happy Sewing and Dolly hugs, Sharon


  1. whow what a differnce your painting makes,you are very clever Sharon.

  2. He is so gorgeous Sharon. I have lots of reborning bits and event the head and limbs kit but have not been brave enough to give it a go.... Maybe one day.... Hugs - Fee


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