Thursday 1 December 2011

Let the fun begin ....

Welcome December

There are a lot of things to reflect upon this time of year.

Loved ones, both here and those who have passed.
Being thankful for all that we have, our health and each other.
The support and love of my wonderful Man.
The achievements of everyone for the last 12 months
especially these four :o)

My four babies ..... oh how they are growing ..... way to fast
they are now 13, 12, 9 and two .... where have the years gone?

The love and joy that they share.
The joy that they bring to our lives.
What an amazing time of year.
All teaching Miss Lily
Sharing in her discoveries, her innocence and our inner child :o)

and the fact that they will all still sit for the Christmas Photo in front of the Christmas Tree just for me ..... their mum! :o)

Thank you "guys" (my collective word for them when talking of all four),
 I love you all "to the moon and back"

Roll on Christmas Traditions .............

The Family Christmas Tree minus the Kids :o)

Hugs, Sharon


  1. what a precious family you have there Sharon and boy does that xmas tree look good

  2. Gorgeous photo of you babies. Nice smiles for their mum. xx


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