Thursday 3 November 2011

Exploring the Process

I love making quilt tops and get a huge buzz out of seeing a loved one under one of my quilts but that process of getting a quilt top into a quilt I am not so keen on, or is it that I am just not experienced at it?

Up until now I have either sent a quilt to a professional to be quilted (which can mean that they are away from home for a long time but come back beautifully quilted) or just done the basic in the ditch.  Nothing wrong with in the ditch. Up until now it has served its purpose for me. I have even fallen for the 1/4" to the side of a seam and love this look also but again this has not worked for me and my current top that I am trying to quilt so with this I am "Exploring the process".

I am currently trying to get my Rainbow quilt over the line to a finish.

I have done my usual "in the ditch" first and then went back and went all over it 1/4" on the outside of all the rainbow squares. This was where I had initially planned on leaving it but I wasn't happy. The colored squares looked a little "puffy".  What was I going to do. I can't stipple .... I can't even get an even coverage when I sit and "doodle" it let alone on a 10" practice square so there was no way I was going to attempt this on a full quilt.

OK so time to "bite the bullet"!

With a lot of hesitation out came a plate and a pencil (see I'm not even game enough to use a water erasable blue pen yet).

I drew a basic 4 petaled flower ..... these worked well for me in my "quilting the quilt" class a few weeks ago so here goes ........

So 2 down and another 28 to go.  So far I am liking the way it takes the puffiness out of the squares and makes them flatter.  It must be noted here that I personally like soft quilts that you can snuggle under and that are not over quilted and stiff ..... time will tell on this one.

This quilt is a learning curve for me and hopefully some what of a confidence builder as after this one I have to more tops to do.  These other two are sitting on my Accountability list (both tops have been finished for soooo long) and I have wanted this Xmas one on my wall last year so I have told myself I have to have it done this year!

This one will be a test but hopefully I can explore the process a little more with it ..... time will tell :o)

So as time permits I will be heading back here and tackling more flowers.

but not before I go here and draw them up!

Thank you so much for stopping by.



  1. I've learned a lot about using my walking foot for machine quilting from Mary Mashuta's book Foolproof Machine Quilting. It really has given me a lot more confidence since I have a lot more control of where to stitch my quilts :-)

  2. OOOH, Sharon, love your rainbow quilt ;-)
    thanks for sharing your ideas on the quilting too - like you, I have only done in the ditch so far, and one diagonal quilting on a bag. I will have to remember this tip ;-)

  3. Lovely quilt and that quiltign will be perfect and still soft and cuddly.... such a great idea to use the plate for drawing the design ... I will have to use that!

  4. Thank you for the idea! I have a patch quilt that needs quilting and I have been waiting for inspiration. You may have sent it.

  5. Sharon what a great lot of quilts you have there,and i so love your idea using the plate,i am with Fiona on that 1 i will ghive it a go also,love the look,well done you busy little Bee

  6. Love your quilts! I also love the plate flowers your quilting on the quilt! It looks awesome! Thanks for sharing! Have a Terrific Day! :)

  7. That petal shape is perfect.

  8. Your quilt looks great with the flowers !!!

  9. The quilt is beautiful and the two flower petals are beautiful.

  10. Your quilting is looking great! Have to admit, I'm with you. I love making the top, but really don't like the quilting bit...but I'm trying to get in the groove of it! Sending every quilt top to the quilter is getting a bit expensive :)

  11. I have started quilting my quilt using this basic idea and am so pleased with the results. THANKS!


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