Saturday 26 November 2011

Distractions can be good ...

Do you remember on Thursday how I was easily distracted by these fabrics when I was meant to be finishing the quilting on my Birdie Stitches Quilt?

Well it has been a horrible wet and cold day here today, a great day to sit at the sewing machine.

So I turned this pile of cut fabric

into this .....

using the Pack "n" go Tote pattern from the Fresh Fabric Treats Book (pictured above)

I like it so much that thought it would be the perfect gift for a Special someones Birthday so ......

Back to the cutting table and now
I have TWO!

The second one went together so quickly ....... I knew what I was doing second time around :o)

So now I have one for me to keep (yippee) and one for a gift.

We are heading off on a little trip soon so guess what's coming with me with one of my many sewing projects in it, just in case I need a sewing fix :o)

Off now to find something else to work on as everyone if fed, the dishes are done, the kids have settled in front of the TV to watch a Christmas Movie and hubby is busy working.

Enjoy your weekend and happy stitching.


  1. You're amazing !!! Where do you hide your magic wand ????

  2. Looks great Sharon!! Just goes to show that distractions certainly can be good ... just not when you're trying to get an assignment researched and written, lol! I love your fabric choices for each of the elements in these bags ... gorgeous!!!

  3. the bags are great.........and you get to keep one for yourself.........bonus

  4. Lovely bags. I'm astounded by how prolific you are! You produce so many beautiful things so quickly!


  5. they are so nice Sharon,well done i have that book and i have been thinking of making one,now you have inspired me,thankyou

  6. Wow those bags turned out beautifully! Good to make something for yourself too!

  7. just gorgeous such pretty colors.


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