Sunday 27 November 2011

SKoW ...... Hot Chocolate

Last block for a while ......... I promise  :o)
A little more progress on my Some Kind of Wonderful Quilt

(I think this almost takes me to the end of the February commitment so I really do need to slow down a little on this but I am having so much fun with it)

A little hard to see the writing in the photos, sorry

I love a hot chocolate in winter but not at the moment. Craving more of an iced coffee.

What is your summer drink of choice?

Thank you for stopping by and happy stitching,


  1. lol,Sharon i think you are becoming addictive,lol,gee the blocks look great though,well done

  2. they are great... and I can understand how you are struggling to stop.... I drink loads of iced water in summer... with a slice of lemon in it.... not very exciting!!!


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