Thursday 13 October 2011

Dead Simple Quilt-a-long with a Teenage twist

aka - Aiden's Quilt

I managed to get the FQ's cut into charm squares over the school holidays

and then sought the assistance of this quilts owner to be ....... my teenage son to help with the layout.
And, after waiting a couple of hours he did eventually get out of bed (what is it with teenage boys?) and helped with the layout. 

He had a couple of ideas of his own to make this quilt a little more "him" or "his" and whilst I was waiting for him to get out of bed I came up with this, using the scraps as he had said that he wanted his name on it.

If I had more fabric I would have loved to have done this all the way around the boarder.

He also wanted to add something else, can you see what he added?

Yep a POP of RED

So as you can see I have done his name in the same Red.
I love his suggestion and think it looks great but I am his proud Mum so
of course I love it!  :o)

It is currently hanging in his room whilst I finish a couple of other things.  I just need to find a backing fabric ..... hmm Blue or Cream? ..... when I work this out  I will then quilt it for him.

If you would like to see some of the other versions being created in this Quilt-a-long pop on over to
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Happy sewing,


  1. That pop of red is genius, it makes it look wonderful and I LOVE how kids always want their name on their quilts. I'd go dark blue on the back - cream and teenagers don't mix LOL

  2. Aiden's quilt is perfect, I can't believe how quickly you get a quilt together!! Are you going to quilt it yourself?


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