Sunday 16 October 2011

Another Finish - Dead Simple QAL

aka Aiden's Quilt

After a long day at my sewing machine yesterday quilting this beast and a long night stitching on the binding and a little time this morning hand quilting the red squares I officially have another finish. And the best bit, I have a super happy 13 year old son who is delighted with his quilt and keeps giving me cuddles and saying thank you. That makes the holes in my finger well worth the pain!

Finished size - 75" x 67" approx

The quilt with it's new owner :o)
This kid is getting so tall now. In the last month he has shot up and overtaken me
so the boarders helped get that extra length for a growing boy and to finish it off,
all framed in red.

After this photo shoot my young man came inside to put his quilt away and guess where I found it......

Layed out lovingly on his bed. :o)

Thank you for stopping by,
Happy stitching,


  1. That is the best compliment he can give you, to lay it out on his bed. :o) Love it, it turned out great and love his name on it. You're the best mom ever!

  2. Oh wow these pictures make me feel so happy - what a great quilt and what an achievement to find something a 13 year old boy likes! HURRAY!!!

  3. The quilt is lovely. You are so lucky to have such an affectionate boy. 13 is still a great age. My boy has reached 16 and the flow of affection has been drastically reduced! It only comes in spurts now. Enjoy it while it lasts. . .

  4. Bravo ! your son can be very happy !!

  5. What a great quilt, & love that your boy loves it!!

  6. The quilt looks perfect, well done!! Lucky Aiden.


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