Saturday 8 October 2011

64 Pieces .......

and Frustration at its Best!

See this little 6.5" Unfinished Block

It has 64 pieces in it and has been the cause of my frustration this afternoon!

It is Block No. 38 - "Four Winds" in the Farmer's Wife Quilt
and lucky for me it was the last of 13 blocks that I have sewn this afternoon.
If it was the first it would be the one and only :o(

On a brighter note, the Farmer and I are "back on again" ..... :o)

Here are the 13 blocks that I have done today

So far I have made 51 of the 111 Blocks for this quilt which equates to 45.9% so not quite half way.

Here are all my blocks thus far

If you would like to see them close up and know their names you can go over to my

Thank you for stopping by.
Enjoy your weekend
and I hope you have some time for some "You Time.


  1. see thats why I only have the

  2. Thanks for warning me about No 38. I won't even try it. You must be super-human to get through 13 blocks in one sitting ! Congratulations.

  3. Wow! Wonderwoman! They look fab!-D

  4. Wow, Sharon, it's beautiful! 13 blocks in one sitting? Go you! The Farmers Wife.. I've been thinking about buying the book and trying it out. Where's a good place to buy? Amazon?

  5. that's beautiful! I have been admiring FW blocks for a while and love your colour choices ;-)


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