Tuesday 9 August 2011

My Creative Space ......

Is also a W.I.P ........ Part 1 of 2

I like to think of myself as an organised and sometimes somewhat of a neat obsessed person! Basically I like everything to have it's place.  Here in lies my problem with my "Creative Space".  I am very luck to have a second dining room all to myself, all I need to do now is work out the best way to have it work for me.

Storage is a huge problem as this area has NO STORAGE :o(  Also, this area is just off one of the lounge rooms, the one right near the front door so I have to keep is organised as there is no door to close, especially if we have visitors. On the up side though is the fact that we usually sit in the other lounge when we do have visitors but like I said I am a little obsessive and this space doe have three doors (all glass) that do allow people to see in  :o)

Here is what I will call a before photo. I took it after I cleaned it out a couple of weeks ago.

I then went and bought this off Ebay .....

I originally had it over near my computer with my table next to it.  Problem was it made the space feel cramped so I had to rethink.  In my rethink was also my desire for a design wall.
But wall space is at a minimum as I only have the one full wall and it has my sewing table in front of it.
This got me to thinking ...... sometimes this process hurts!!  :o)

I wanted something that would serve its purpose yet be put away (or out of sight) when required.

So I looked at this .......

Huge double doors... not a wall but has potential..
Added 3 hooks above the door frame
and a curtain rod

Off to Spotlight I went ......

A couple of metres of Wadding and a few pins later
and I have a Design Wall!!!

Not a perfect Design wall as it does require pins to make stuff stay there as there is no hard backing to push the blocks to to make them stay but for the time being it is an inexpensive solution and I now get to see if I will get the use from it. If so, watch out hubby as I have seen a portable one that you might just need to make for me!!!

And look what I put on it ..........

 It is great to see how all the Farmer's wife blocks are going.

Hmmm.... this still did not sort out my storage and location problem for the unit.  

Back later to show you what I did there as Miss L has just woken and needs breakfast.

Happy stitching,

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