Tuesday 9 August 2011

My Creative Space ...... Part 2

Three posts in one day....sorry about that but if I don't do this now whilst I have a quiet moment it may not get done :( 

O.K. you have seen my temporary design wall so now back to that cabinet and trying to get some storage space into this Creative Space.  I love the Cabinet (In it's former life was a T.V. Unit!) it matches in with the rest of the house, which I have decided to keep with, especially being this creative space is all open and exposed to the rest of the house. 

If I had a room all to myself, with a door that closes it off, it would be white, light and aerie, lots of bright containers, buttons, threads, ribbons and fabrics on show .....

 a little opposite to what I am currently working with :o)

 You can see that I have moved the table back against the wall (on the left side of this photo).  I must add that this table is super great to cut at now that the legs have been raised, so much easier on my back.  My computer and desk are in the back left corner with some fabric art above.  I have moved the cabinet on the opposite (front right had side of the picture) wall near the door. 

This simple maneuver of  furniture has made a huge difference. The space feels more open and functional, not cramped and as dark as it was.

Now how to make the cabinet work for me .........

Empty ......

Next step was to start putting stuff in to see how
the space was going to work.

Hint .... leave for a week or more to get a real feel and
play with the layout.   Space down the bottom is intended
 for fabric scarps, all sorted into colors.

Over a few days and the addition of my new GO! Baby last week for my birthday I had it looking like this ...

Top half ...... the fabric is driving me crazy!!!
I want to start building a Fabric Stash and this will not help me :(
Off to the Internet it was and with the purchase of this  ......

and the tutorial I found over here at That Girl .. That Quilt  it now looks like this


I can now see what I have and "Shop at Home first"
This also helps me see where I need to start to build a working stash

The unit looks like this now ... with the addition of a few containers and some sorting of fabric scraps ....

My creative Space will constantly be a W.I.P. especially as I keep my eyes open for cute containers etc to make it MINE  :o)

I hope that these posts might provide some inspiration for someone like me, starting out, on a budget or has a space that is open within the house or just trawling the Internet for ideas.  I have found that I like to look around and see how other people have their creative spaces set up and here is my take on my space.

My Hexagon Quilt is looking like this and the kids need the table for breakfast in 12 hours so I have a little work to get done  before then.

Huge thank you for stopping by .... 

Happy stitching, Sharon

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  1. Your space is looking wonderful, great idea for storing your fabric. I still love your hexie quilt!!


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