Sunday 31 July 2011

You know there is a change in the air when...........

You can go to early morning Junior Football on a Saturday and not need to be rugged up and it's not freezing cold!!!   Also, when your garden begins to give you a glimpse of color ......

We also had visitors this week with Miss L's grandparents calling in for a visit. It also happened to be Nanny's birthday a few days earlier so off to "Cake making 101" it was for Miss L  :o)

First add a layer of jam, spread
 and check "Quality"

Add heaps of cream
Let Mum Ice cake and then
let Miss L sprinkle with
Final Result ...... One Cake made with love!
And it was ooohhh soooooo Yummy :o)

It's my birthday this week so it will be interesting to see what Miss L, Miss K,
Master A and Master D together with Daddy can come up with!!

On the sewing / stitching front this week........  

1 Memory Board inspired by the "Vignette Magazine" for my eldest daughters room.

It is now hung over her desk .

This also arrived on Friday .......

So today I finished off Block 3 ......

and made a start on Block four.
So far, altogether they currently look like this ....

Happy Stitching,

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  1. Sweet little red and white quilt. Love the little pieced blocks and your work on the the sweet little house with the girl and birds looks great. Nice work.


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