Friday 1 July 2011

Simple Things Quilt Along - Updates and Baby Oliver

Simple Things Quilt Along

After a slow start things have really started to form nicely :)

Today I took a lot of this

Turned it onto this

Which is now looking a lot like this :)

I am loving that way that the Red "pops" on this quilt top.  I am using "Ruby" by Moda
and LOVE IT!

If you want more details on the quilt along pop over HERE

Reborn Baby Oliver

My sweet little man Oliver is looking for his forever mum.  Is that you?  If you would like to see my newest little man who is available for adoption please go see Baby Oliver Here

I also have another WIP - My Window to Our Garden Quilt top by Li'l Blokes.

So far mine looks like this -

It is all pieced ... "Yay" ..... I need to dedicate some time to finish off the Applique (by hand) and finish painting the faces. 

Scandinavian Christmas BOM Progress

Block 1 is almost finished.  I don't know how but a couple of the Churn Dash blocks had a mind of their own and did not come out as planned so they will be a WIP as the next blocks come in and I try to remake them.

~ and see what arrived yesterday ~

and today it looks like this :)

All for now. The next Birdie Stitches BOM is due out so hopefully some more work to be done there as well.

Happy stitching,

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