Friday 22 July 2011

Farmer's Wife Quilt Along

I have made a start!  A little late maybe as the Official time line for the Quilt along has the girls (and guys) at Week 8, but I am proud to be on Week 1 :o)

I love the bright versions of this quilt that are appearing over on Flickr but If I am to use this quilt in my home I felt that I needed to stick to the more traditional, country colors, namely "Perennials" by Kansas Troubles for Moda.

I was a little hesitant to cut into this bundle as I have enjoyed having it sitting in my craft room to look at!

Next BIG decision was where to start ...... at the start of course Sharon!!! lol
For this week anyway, as I am sure I will deviate from this plan as I progress.

Fingers crossed because here I come Block 1 "Attic Windows"....

And then for Block 2 .... "Autumn Tints"

YAY ... 2 blocks down and only 109 to go but I will concentrate on catching up
 with everyone else so lets say 14 to go.
 (8 Weeks by 2 per week less the two I have just made).

Happy Stitching, Sharon

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