Saturday 18 June 2011

Oh No not another project!!!

Oh yes I have done it again .......  I have a fabric addiction, what else can I say?

OK lets start with a progress report.  During the week I finished off Miss K's quilt that she designed :o) with the help of a few magazine's, my stash of 5" squares and our large kitchen table.  She spend many hours laying out the fabric and coming up with the layout (ensuring that two of the same fabric did not touch .... that I fear she has got from me :s ) and I did the rest for her. Oh, and then she wanted to add all the hearts that had to appliqued on.....and stitched by hand :) What do you think?  I am very proud of her and think its a great quilt designed by a then 8 y.o.  Well done Miss K xx

My Green Farm Village quilt rec'd a lot of attention this week with me doing a lot of cutting and piecing.
The blocks started something like this ........

then I added a bit of this .......

I now have this, but still have to do these (below), two borders and then think about the quilting :)

Last night I decided to grab out my "12 Days of Christmas" Layer Cake and get a start on some Christmas sewing  ..... place mats ...... I need 8 for my table so that's one each for us and of course one for Santa and Rudolf ;)   They will have red binding and all the names will be blanket stitched.

Whilst looking at what was left of the layer cake I decided that I also needed a centre piece for the table and so far I have come up with this ........ a 10 min block with only three straight seems ..... loving it!!!!  :)

I love the look of this one so I decided that I just had to have it.
It is "Scandinavian Christmas" by Lynette Anderson. I know that she has a new range of fabrics coming out later this year that suits this BOM perfectly but me being me I couldn't wait .... maybe I will have to make it twice :)

and this is what I have done already.

Lastly, I have been thinking about doing the Birdie Stitches BOM over at Little Miss Shabby for a while now and have decided to start ........ I found some Sunkissed Charm Squares at a great price so I no longer had a excuse not to start :)

Enjoy your weekend, I'm off to sort out lunch for the kids and then find a nice quiet corner near the heater and start (or should that be finish) stitching something!

Happy stitching, Sharon

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