Monday 20 June 2011

Sunday Sport

Wow....what a cold start to the day.  Off bright dull and early to get son no 2 to the football.  You could not see from one side of the oval to the other but just before the siren went at the start of the first quarter, if by magic the fog lifted!  Got to love the winter sports :)  The boys tried hard again, but this season is just not theirs, only one goal scored in the last quarter.  Keep hanging in there boys.

Then off to the Basket ball ..... spectators this time round to see the Bendigo Braves play at home.  Great game, fantastic win and we all love going.  This week it was dress in your fav team colors, what ever the sport to win a NBA Guernsey.  Doesn't our little 2 year old look cute (much to Dad's disgust, he is a die hard Collingwood Fan but will have to send this photo to her grandfather as he will love it!) all dressed up in her big brothers top :)

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