Completed Quilts 2013

Blake's Quilt
This Quilt could not have been possible without the generous support of fellow Quilters
World Wide for donating "Poloroid Blocks".  You all have amazing hearts. Thank you

Do Good Stitches
Donated to St Kilda Mums in Melbourne

A tutorial for this block can be found on my Blog HERE

"Great Granny"

Quilt Stats
"Great Granny"
Made in Marmalade by Bonnie and Camille
Finishes size - 58" square
Quilted in Daisies by Ladybug Quilting

Finished - April 2013

"Happy Go Lucky"

Made from Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie and Camille.
My own Design.

This quilt was donated to
"Caring with Quilts"
209 quilts to date

Finished April 2013

"Vignette Mystery Quilt"

Quilt Stats
"Vignette Mystery Quilt"
Designed by Leanne Beasley
Started August 2011
Finished the Flimsy in December 2012
Completely finished, labelled and hung - March 2013
Finished Size - 70" Square


This one started taking shape as part of the "Pervalong" over at
Displacement Activity. Then became a UFO and not it is finally this and
I love it :o)

It has finished at 28" square and has a mix
of machine and hand quilting.

Finished February

"Urban Grunge"

Finished Size
50.5" x 56.5"
Completed February 2013

"Mini Bottled Rainbow"

Finished Size
21" x 29" and oh so cute :o)

  "Bottled Rainbow"
Finished size 64" x 80"
Tutorial can be found over at
Finished January 2013 


  1. You have some fabulous finishes there and we are not even at the half way mark for 2013

  2. OK, now are you doing these on a long arm or domestic? Wonderful assortment of talented quilt fingers here!


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