Tuesday 1 January 2019

A new year long crochet project for 2019 {Edited}

Today marks the start of a new year long project for me.

What is a Temperature blanket?

The basic idea of a temperature blanket is that you crochet or knit one row a day of a blanket in a colour that coordinates with that days temperature.  Over the course of the year you will have a beautiful variation of the colours you have chosen to use.

Traditionally you would see them made in rainbow colours with he reds representing the hot temperatures and graduating into blues for the cooler days.

I am adding my own twist on it and I will be working with greys / browns and pinks. My greys are at the cooler end of my spectrum and the pinks at the warm end (so of course I go and photograph them in the reverse order!).

The colours that I am using and the temperature I have allocated to each is below.

 0 - 5deg C

 6 - 10deg C

 11 - 15deg C

 16 - 20deg C

 21 - 25deg C

26 - 30deg C

 31 - 35deg C

 36 - 40deg C
      40deg C +   

I am choosing to work with Stylecraft Special DK Yarn.  I have used this yarn before for my previous crochet blankets and have found that it washes well and is easy to work with and there is a huge assortment of colours to choose from. I get mine from Wool Warehouse in the UK and I usually have my parcel in a week.

I have decided to use a 'Boxed Block Stitch' and I am following a tutorial that can be found HERE from Daisy Farm Crafts.

OK. so lets just edit the stitch I am using. It has become very clear very quickly that this stitch is just too big for this project (for Me). I have swapped my stitch and after a fourth start I am now using a Linen Stitch. Nice and thin and more idea for this project with so many rows :)

I have downloaded a weather App to my phone and today's temperature is looking to be in the high 30's so my first row looks like it is going to be in Raspberry.

Do you have any year long projects that you are starting today?
New starts are fun right :)

I am looking forward to sharing my progress with you over the year.
If you are on Instagram you can follow me there, I am @lilabellelane and I will be using #lilabellelanetempblanket2019 to track my progress.

Happy New Year Everyone and happy stitching, 

hugs Sharon x

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