Monday 18 June 2018

How do you store your thread?

Continually evolving the studio .........

For the last 6 months I have been in the process of reducing and decluttering the studio. This has included all the cupboards that 'stuff' just gets placed in, rehoming old UFO's (unfinished objects) and taking a serious look at the fabric stash and making the decision that some just had to go.  It has been a very rewarding task. 

Some items have taken a while to get to the top of the clean out / re-home list but I do have to admit that the more I was cleaning out, the more I wanted to clean out. The process became easier and I found that I wasn't as attached the the 'items' like I once was. I was becoming happier about the reduced amount of 'stuff' that was laying around.

The photo below shows my sewing space back in January before I started the declutter and rehoming. The second photo shows it today. I have been able to eliminate one 8 cubed shelving unit, Lily was happy to receive that for her room, and replace it will a four cubed unit and place my two aqua filing cabinets on top. These used to live in the office but are much more functional out in the studio space as they held all my various English Paper Piecing papers.

With all this decluttering I have been rearranging things. I love this part, the patting of the fabric as you reconnect with the reason you purchased it in the first place and making plans to actually use it!  With all the rearranging more space became available and I was able to turn my mind to better storage. Top on my list was my thread.  Using thread as a 'decor' item is great, I love the colour and brightness that it adds to the studio and who doesn't love a thread rainbow!  BUT the dust. My thread was gathering dust, surely this can not be a good thing for a sewing machine right?

So I turned to Pinterest, as one does, looking for ideas. Then I looked to what I already had and could make use of. Those two aqua filing cabinets were originally full of various EPP Papers but now I have my Scan N Cut machine (which I absolutely love) I don't need to 'stash' papers like I did. Now I just cut them as I need them.  You can see from the photo above that one cabinet (the left one) doesn't have any white tags on it because it is now empty :)

Hello dust free Thread Storage.

In the top draw I have my Aurifil Floss.

In the next draws I have my sewing thread. 
I only use Aurifil thread in my sewing machine so it also makes more sense having it closer to my sewing machine.


If you would like more details on the aqua cabinets got mine from Officeworks
and all the details are HERE.

In my search for a thread solution I also visited the Aurifil Blog and found a little tutorial HERE on cutting up the Aurifil Thread card.  So this morning I also cut mine. It is going to make it a lot easier to colour match threads. I wish I had done this earlier.

I am now off to pick some new thread colours and maybe actually sew something,
 or I could finally cut up my Kona Solids Card! 

Happy stitching,

Sharon x

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  1. Simply wow! I would love this kind of space and order. Sadly, I have no sewing room and things are kept in boxes under my bed and in some drawers too. I particularly like the way the thread is organised, mine currently sit in biscuit tins. x


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