Sunday 28 January 2018

Quilting food for thought and a finished Quilt

Quilting Food for thought.

On December 27th I posted this to my Instagram feed.

"I am not into making New Year Resolutions as l feel it can set you up for failure or disappointment so l like to think more about goal setting or habit changing. So in 2018 l will start as many new projects as my heart desires and refuse to feel guilty about it! If l fall out of love with a project l will not stress, l will just find it a new home. I will dig out my pile of quilt tops and attempt to finish some of them myself #lneedalongarm 😉 l will use more of my stash ... hence this pic so l can hopefully watch it shrink ☺ and when l buy new fabric that l love l will use it, not stash it ...... all whilst Creating what l love 💖"

Then on the 8th January I'd had enough.. I was feeling overwhelmed by he amount of "stuff" that I had. The main cupboard that I was storing various craft supplies in was overflowing and I could never find anything that I was sure I had. It was missing in the abyss!  

I had a deep clean out. It took a few days and yes it did get worse before it got better but I kept with it. I donated so much "stuff" and half finished projects to the local thrift shops. It felt great. When I had finished I had an almost empty cupboard but I now have a somewhat healthy collection of Zips - I had unearthed 65 in total!!  I then moved into the office where I was storing all my quilts from my Patterns and projects from my book.  My office was cluttered.  I can now say that things from the office are all nicely folded and stored in the cupboard and my office is back to a more functional space where I can work with a clear head.  I am one of those people, where if my environment is cluttered then that is how my head feels. If my environment is tidy, sorted and clean then my mind is also.  It's my OCD.

I have 12 maybe 13 quilt tops that need something done with them so this year I have also decided that I am going to make a better attempt at finishing them myself.  I started with this quilt.  It was 'finished' sometime in the last 2ish years with the absolute bare minimum of quilting and then shoved in the back of the cupboard.

I am so pleased that it can now, for real, be called FINISHED!

"I Spy Polaroid Quilt"

I am going to donate this quilt.
To a child that needs their world brightened for what ever reason.
I do not know who the new owner will be yet but it is here waiting for them when they need it.

"In 2018 l will start as many new projects as my heart desires 
and refuse to feel guilty about it!"

So there is also a guilt free new start.

This year I am going to slowly stitch a quilt, just for me.  
I am making myself a "Trip around the World Quilt" and I will be English Paper Piecing mine. 
I am also going to try and use fabrics from my stash until I need bigger pieces then go shopping :)

This is where I am currently at and I am finding it very therapeutic slowly stitching and adding one row at a time.

How is your start to 2018 going?
Do you make any goals or resolutions for yourself?

Until next time, 
Happy Stitching, Sharon x


  1. What a great I Spy quilt, I am sure a child somewhere will really enjoy it.

  2. Lovely colour palette for your trip around the world. I look forward to seeing more of it. I too like your new year's resolution (even if it was amended slightly). That Polaroid quilt is so beautiful.

  3. love the polaroid quilt. And I love your resolution. I want to start anything new guilt free too this year. If it works out, it will. otherwise someday they'll find a new home. Loving your new quilt start. So pretty!


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