Saturday 4 November 2017

Celestial Star - The Tula Pink Version

Celestial Star meet Tula!
Whoops, a new start  ;)

"My Original Celestial Star Quilt".

When I originally designed my Celestial Star Quilt I had Tula Pink Fabrics in mind but to keep with the theme and feel of my book I decided to make it in Liberty Fabrics.

Now the time has come for me to make my Tula Pink version :) I really do not need another project but if I don't start it now I feel that I may never, so now is as good a time to start as any.

One of my biggest tips for any project like this is not to overthink it too much. A quilt like this will have a way of taking you on your own journey if you let it. Don't be scared to play with colour. I threw out my colour wheel many years ago. To many so called "rules" existed for my liking. If you like what is in front of you then that is all that really matters. Just remember that any project you make is YOURS so make it yours, use colours you love, fabrics you love and in combinations that you love :) Life to too short to stress the small stuff.

But, with that said, if you are a planner then there is a colouring page in the book that you can play with. 

Back to my block. I am very much a visual person so my preferred method when sitting down to select fabrics, fussy cutting and planning any EPP block like this is to start by laying all my papers out in place. I also did this for each rosette of my La Pass Quilt.

With this block I only knew two, possibly three things before I started.

1.        That I wanted a Prince Charming Frog for the centre.

2.     This Colour Burst block was going to be the centre and starting point for my quilt.

Those I knew for sure. The third was that I thought about adding in a splash of pink. I do love pink and green together and being this was going to be the centre of my quit I thought it might make it pop. Let's see :)

 As I was making my block I have taken photos to show you what order I have selected the fabrics for my block. I do not work in any special order. Sometimes I know what fabrics I want in certain spots at the beginning so I tend to start with those first and then build around them until I have my finished block.

Tip:  Use your glue pen to help you lift your papers up as you go.

 The following photos will show you how my block went from just the frog right through to the finished block.

There you go, that pink did end up making the cut :)

All the fabrics are Tula Pink with the exception of the thin stripe. I found that one in my stash.

And there it is, the start of my "Tula Pink Celestial Star Quilt".

I still have a way to go but I am looking forward to adding to this one as time allows.

If you are also making your own version of the "Celestial Star Quilt" be sure to use the 
#Celestialstarquilt hashtag on social media so I can also see it.

I am off to pull some more fabrics.

Happy Stitching,
Sharon x


  1. Wow! This is going to be another stunning quilt and I look forward to seeing your progress.

  2. It's going to look amazing!! I can't wait to see what it "tells" you to do next!! :-) Hugs, H

  3. Goodluck a with your Tula version......always interesting to see how people put things together.... You will have this finished before they start the sew along.......Lol......

  4. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your creative process. It is so helpful to see the block construction broken down like that.

  5. Amazing! so striking. Love your advice on not over thinking it - reason I haven't started one myself. Perhaps this will get me moving

  6. Thanks for sharing, sometimes I need to see what others are doing to get my own creative juices flowing. Love what you have done with this block!


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