Monday 26 June 2017

In the Studio

With the school holidays starting later this week I have taken the opportunity today to give the studio space a bit of a clean up so it seemed also like the perfect opportunity to "document it". And yes my OCD (or CDO) is showing here :)


 My little Liberty Stash is also growing with my monthly Society bundle from Ava and Neve.
Last week I also added to my "Tower of Bonnie and Camille" with a 'The Good Life' JR.
That little collection has long outgrown the cake plate!

I like to keep my fabric wrapped around comic boards.  They are a thinner and often cheaper alternative to some the brands that are marketed as boards to wrap your fabrics around.  My last lot I picked up from Ebay. They were 2nd's and advertised as being of irregular sizes.  We are talking all of mm's different to each other so of no real concern and they came in at 5c each!

The white baskets down the bottom are from Kmart and they house my random colour sorted scraps. 
The shelving its that I am using are from Fantastic Furniture here in Australia.

I love storing my fabrics like this as it means I can see exactly what I have and I can shop at home first.  The wall of colour is also inspiring and having it to look upon whilst at my sewing machine just makes my heart sing. If I had a little bigger space I would have another shelving unit as my AMH is tucked away safe in a cupboard with a few more gems.

 The top row of fabrics are all of my Bonnie and Camille. Some days I get a little sad because it has shrunk but then that means I have been sewing with it and that is better than sitting on a shelf right? To the far right there are 6 baskets. That is where I keep my Bonnie and Camille scraps, sorted by colour and easy to go rummaging through :)

Above centre, I have a slow growing collection of Kona Solids thanks to my monthly "Kona Cotton Collectors Club" at "The Next Stitch".  Here I have them will my "Karen Lewis Textiles Rainbow". I hope that one day they will become a rainbow creation.  

This is my new baby. A Brother VQ3000.
We are still getting to know each other and I am very impressed by her capabilities and her huge throat space.  When we have had a little more time to play I might just write up a review for her.

I recently moved my cutting table out of the office and back into the sewing hub and I am hoping that I will be able to add a bigger cutting table to this space in the future...stay tuned :)

As you can see my cutting table isn't that big or is it that I just have a few projects on it that I am slowly working on all at the same time?

Truth be known, the real reason for my clean up today was to find those Liberty squares (above the scissors). I knew I had cut them ready to turn into the next instalment of my Diamonds in a Square Quilt but just had no idea where they were.

My OCD is happy now. Now I just need to get into the office and finish sorting it out. It has become the dumping ground and work space for many an EPP project whilst on a Netflix binge!

Better go, time to go and mess it all up again :)

Happy stitching,



  1. Now you can come and visit the chookshed and sort it......
    Looks gorgeous.....

  2. Wish my studio looked this good :)

  3. Thanks for sharing 😃
    Your studio looks very nice!

  4. I love the light and all that colour, very creative!


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