Monday 16 January 2017

My "A Place for everything bag"

I did it, I made a

"Place for Everything Bag"

Oh my let me say, this is one of those patterns that has been here for what feels like forever and is always in the back of my mind as a 'must make'.  It is also, even now, one of those projects that scares me.  After all it has SO MANY zips and I just do not do zips! It is an irrational fear. I can do them once I put my mind to it but I just dislike them sooooo much.

So, exactly one week today I bit the bullet and did a fabric pull.  I decided on Tula Pink fabrics and some much hoarded Racoons.  I knew that I would have more chance of sticking with this project if I truly loved the fabrics and of course, I didn't want to waste the fabrics by creating a WIP that gets lost in the studio.

When it came to piecing on the first night I do have to admit that there were a few choice words dropped. Some things just were not sinking in so instead of asking the pattern why I just followed the instructions and low and behold my bag started taking shape.  Nothing wrong with the pattern, just me!

So look, I have a bag :)

I do have to admit that I do still have one page of pockets left to make, oneday, just not today ;) It's that zip thing again. But this is fully functioning and I love it and I am so glade that I stuck it out.

Do you have a pattern that you have purchased but you are just not "ready" to make yet?

Well dig it out and dive right in. Believe me the feeling you get once it is done is worth the effort.

Until next time,

"Create what YOU love"
Happy Stitching,
Sharon x


  1. Your bag looks great, Sharon. I love the raccoon fabric.

  2. While I dont fear zips to the same level you do, having to put them around the corners is enough to put me off too! But what an awesome bag for holding all your threads when you are stitching on the go. Who designed the pattern?

  3. Wow. It's fabulous and so practical. You make it look so easy.

  4. It is wonderful. I love your fabric choice.


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