Sunday 1 November 2015

For my Miss 6

"Dream and a Wish"

When these pretty fabrics arrived in the studio my Miss 6 was instantly drawn to the dress print.
Immediately asked for her machine as she informed me that her dollies needed a new quilt!
I think I am creating a monster :)

(Don't those Aurifil thread look delicious)

After convincing her that mummy should have a play first she let me be but believe me she was watching closely and became even more excited when the Pom Poms came out to play.

Ta - da
2 new cushions for my Miss 6 and her reading corner in her room.
She loves them but was just a little more interested in now getting her machine out.

Giant Ric Rac and Pom Poms = Win

Out came her machine and away she went.

Carefully selecting her fabrics.
Sorting her own placement.
Ever so carefully sewing and pinning.

Oh my, those seams join up perfectly.
A girl after my own heart and if I am not careful my stash!!!!!!

Until next time, hugs Sharon and Lily xx


  1. Wow that's great, so wonderful she likes sewing. Love the cushions, the pompon ones especially!

  2. Uh oh! Can you afford to have two stashes? How wonderful that Miss 6 is interested in sewing.

  3. Hi, this is so lovely and something she will do and enjoy all of her life !

  4. I think the future of the patchwork industry will be safe!

  5. Your cushions are gorgeous, Sharon. That fabric is so pretty. Well done Miss 6!

  6. Such cute fabric - love the Pom poms

  7. Gorgeous pillows... and gorgeous quilt.

  8. Yep, taught my daughter to quilt too....BIG mistake!!! My stash is always up for grabs!!
    Now that she has her a family of her own, I have to share my stash with ANOTHER fabric snatcher!! Love it, some of our best times and memories are in that quilt room.


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