Thursday 29 October 2015

Houston Quilt Market 2015

Were you like me and got suck trolling through all the photos coming out of the Quilt Market?

So many inspiring things are heading our way.

A highlight for me was when these photos started to appear up in my Instagram feed.

This one was posted by Nadra, the gorgeous designer behind the Bloom and Bliss fabric range.
I personally can't wait for her next range. It looks as beautiful as her first.

I have had the pleasure of making smaller things to go to quilt market but never a Quilt so I got quite a buzz out of seeing it hanging there :)

Also, if you wanted to make one of your own, Patchwork with Busy Fingers has it kitted up.

It can be found HERE.

Until next time, hugs Sharon


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  2. Next best thing to actually being there........very exciting for you


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