Monday 31 August 2015

Hazel Hedgehog Finish

A quick post to share a recent finish, my
  Tula Pink Hazel Hedgehog Quilt.

 I am pretty pleased with how this turned out. 
I chose to use up some low volume scraps and randomly place my babies.

I think this mummy has her hands full don't  you?

I also quilted this one myself with a random loop on the background. Spiky bits on the spikes and some basic in the ditch on mum.

The pattern for the Hedgehogs os available HERE if you are interested.

Thanks for stopping by,
hugs Sharon


  1. Your quilt is gorgeous, Sharon. I love it!

  2. Hazel and her family look lovely.

    I also love your changing blog header. Those quilts are eye candy in themselves.

  3. Love this one. We had hedgehogs at the bottom of our garden when I was a little girl in England and I always have a soft spot for them. Just loving your new header too.

  4. Cute finish. Love your new header and blog title, very flash,


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