Saturday 29 August 2015

Catching up

Just dropping in to say Hi :)

 Thank you to the lovely ladies who have sent FQ's in the Birthday FQ Swap.  
I have received the last few, thank you again. 

I'd love to include a picture but I'm having a few technical difficulties, 
one involving a new computer!

Lots happening here behind the scenes and if all goes to plan a new look blog will appear soon and hopefully a return to regular blogging.  I have missed you all.

Now, does anyone know a Blog reading app/program that works well on an Apple Computer?
Actually does anyone know how to work this thing?
I'm not an Apple girl and dislike change and this is proving to be a little bit of a headache for me 
but I will get it sorted. Positive thoughts.

Back soon,

Until then enjoy every day doing something you love.

Hugs Sharon


  1. your quilt is looking lovely. Good luck with your new computer.

  2. Once you get the hang, I'm sure you will love your Apple...if you get stuck on anything in particular please ring me or email me. I love your blogging so it would be great to have you back.
    I'll email you my phone number tomorrow.

  3. Hi Sharon ! I'm on Apple and get well with blogspot !! I'm sure you can keep your blog !

  4. Bloglovin is what I use on the iphone ipad & regular laptop. There is an app you can download but it also sends me a daily email & i can choose to read what interests me

  5. I use bloglovin to read blogs and love it... I have apple computer too and at first was struggling with it but now am in love with it!! You will too!


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