Monday 29 June 2015

Catching up ..... at the request of Kate :)

I have been continuing the
"Tower of Bonnie and Camille"
collection with the addition of a "Hello Darling" Jelly Roll.
The new line from Bonnie and Camille to be released later this year

This tower continues to represent every line that the talented Mother and Daughter Duo have ever released. Including one each of both the Mother JR and the Daughter JR of their first ever line.
These represent my "Happy Spot" within my sewing space.

I have also been gifted this stunning Mini Quilt from Fiona over at "Bendigo Lioness" and the stunning Tulips. Thank you dear friend.

 (Sorry Fiona, its a belated Blog thank you)

I've also been very luck to have received this Tula Pink Mini for a Swap over on IG.
I must say, I love that it's not square.

Something a little different. I haven't touched embroidery for so long and this one has been on my to do list for so long but after seeing Camille's (Thimbleblossoms) gorgeous progress on Instagram (Camille has long finished hers now) I could resist no longer and started.

"Daisy Chain ABC Sampler"

I have decided to stitch it on the Aqua from Bonnie and Camille's "Miss Kate" range.

Back soon with more updates on what I've been up too.
That;s if anyone actually reads blogs anymore ?!?!?!

hugs Sharon


  1. You may be quiet on your blog, but I knew you weren't slacking off! Love the collection, and the embroidery.

  2. I read your blog! The embroidered alphabet it gorgeous--might have to go onto my to do list.

  3. Good to see your blog. I also have this sampler to do. It is looking lovely.

  4. I'm loving your tower of happiness! you've been very spoilt by your swap partners love them both, I'd love to see a full shot of your mini wall it must look spectacular!! Love the alphabet stitchery, may I inquire where you sourced the pattern from?? :) Barb.

  5. I follow you on IG and am flawed at the sewing you get through!!! Loving your B and C tower!! I'll be keeping a watch for thenew line. I still read blogs as not everyone I follow does IIG

  6. Your alphabet is looking wonderful, Sharon.

  7. I only read blogs so if you don't blog I don't see it...........thought you must have given up sewing.............lovely minis and that stitchery sampler is going to be lovely..........

  8. Keep on blogging , we are reading

  9. See it's not just me who still reads blogs

  10. Yes there are probably a lot of people out there who read blogs but don't always comment to let you know they are there. I don't publish very regular despite my best intentions, I just get caught up in everyday life. Love seeing what you are up to and your stitchery is just gorgeous.

  11. Such beautiful things on show in this post. Love your embroidery project

  12. Please keep on blogging - I love all wonderful and sweet things you'r sewing! Regards Hellen from Sweden


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