Tuesday 31 March 2015

Who's looking?

One fun bit about the Instagram community is all the fun swaps that you can partake in.
One I signed up for recently was a Zipper Pouch swap.
The idea is to use the Free Tutorial over at Noodlehead and make one of the three sized Zipper pouches for your assigned secret partner. (Tutorial can be found HERE)

I have been stalking my partner, which is also fun 
and decided to add a bit of Paper Piecing to her Zipper pouch. 

I now have a problem.
 I LOVE this, it's going to be super hard to give away. 
Better get to making one for me now :)

If you are interested, this is the pattern that I have used and it can be found HERE

Now, what goodies to put into her Zipper Pouch for her?

hugs Sharon


  1. Oh this is adorable. I love the rabbits in the 'glass'

  2. It's perfect. I don't thinkni could give it away!

  3. Love those cheeky glasses. Thanks for the tute link, I love making pouches.


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