Sunday 1 March 2015

Ready to start your "Cosy Blanket"?

"Gathering Supplies"

(Photo courtesy of Lucy @ Attic 24)

Yay ... it is Autumn!
Which means it time to start the Aussie version of the
"Cosy Blanket" Crochet Along here in the Southern Hemisphere. 

The lovely Lucy over at Attic 24 hosted this Crochet Along in the Northern Hemisphere's Autumn. Way to hot for us Aussie girls to be making a blanket! 
So lets do it now as our weather starts to think about cooling down.
Please note that this is by no way limited to Aussies, anyone can jump aboard at any time. It's just more fun knowing other like minded people are are Crocheting away on the same project at the same time.  Helps keep us all inspired.

Raid your stash or order in new.
Choose what ever suits you.

What colours are you going to play with?

If you are looking for a kit to duplicate Lucy's blanket your can find it HERE.
My orders usually arrive in a week :o)

Note:- They do appear to be out of stock of the kits at the moment due to a manufactures delay but you can go onto the website and select all but three (?) colours separately.  How do I know this? Because I am going to make mine slightly bigger and have been on the site this week to bolster my supplies ;o)

TIP:- If you are choosing your own colors and plan to repeat the colour pattern choose an odd number. That way your colors will alternate between the two patterns.

The pattern can be found HERE over on Lucy's Blog

I will post the links to each week on a Sunday starting in about a fortnight.
If you are playing along please don't feel any pressure to keep up.
This is meant to be fun, so work at your own pace.

If you are playing along and are willing to let me share your progress pictures here on my blog
and / or over on Instagram please leave me a comment below and I will give you my email address.
I would love to see what everyone is up to :o)

Hugs Sharon

When Lucy first started showing pictures of this beautiful blanket last year I fell in love.
I wanted to make it to but it just was not practicable being we were fast approaching the Aussie Summer and our extreme temperatures.  So I contacted Lucy and asked her permission to run with the idea of doing the same thing here but in our Autumn and she graciously said yes.  So the links that I am providing here are to Lucy's original blog posts.  This CAL and pattern, colours etc are all Lucy's work/idea. Huge thank you Lucy for allowing me to share xx


  1. The colour choice looks wonderful... so good luck with the C-A-L. xox

  2. Have been stashing wool over the summer ready to go....
    happy hooking!

  3. You know I'm keen - but funnily enough the temperatures have got warmer over the last three days and last night was too hot to crotchet - yes in Wellington, New Zealand. You're welcome to share photos of my progress, although I'm doing Lucy's other popular pattern, the Ripple Blanket.

  4. I have my yarns ready to go too - I have also been doing a Ripple blanket so can't wait for the DUACAL!

  5. Beautiful colours you'll be working with Sharon, I look forward to seeing the progress photo's as your blanket grows :) Barb.

  6. WOW love the all those bright colours, would love to make a blanket from them too.

  7. It's gorgeous Sharon,I'm about halfway through mine and the colours are glorious.Of course it's the end of winter here ,and it's been lovely to crochet with the growing blanket keeping my knees warm.x


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