Thursday 1 January 2015

Santa Sack Swap

I was very lucky this year to be paired up with Jeanette in the
Santa Sack Swap.

Here is what I was spoiled with from Jeanette.




See what I mean, totally spoiled.
Huge thank you Jeanette,
I love everything. xx

Here is what I sent to Jeanette.

We agreed not to do Santa Sacks as such being we have both received beautiful Christmas Stockings/sacks in the past.  So in place of the sack I made a Dilly Bag for Jeanette

I also included some fabric and thread in her favourite colour, a needle book and a tissue holder.


Yummy chocolate and an Annie Downs design Shoe Bag.

An embroidered Mini quilt made with Scrumptious bu Bonnie and Camille

and a Social Tote

Another super fun Christmas Swap.
hugs Sharon


  1. Lovely gifts, both sent and received xx

  2. The gifts both given and received are lovely. A great swap!

  3. gorgeous gifts both given and received.

  4. You both do beautiful work.


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