Thursday 1 January 2015

Between Christmas and New Year - Embracing the UFOs

Like everyone, I'm sure, things have been busy around here!

Since Christmas Keegan and I have turned her Black and Cream Paris inspired/Themed room into a 
beautiful bright and white room fit for any growing girl, whoops, young lady.

I think the only things left in her room from before the makeover are the box under her teddy, her bed and the tray that her perfume sits on.  I love how she is now embracing colour :o)

I've told her I want to swap rooms but she wont have it!

Then yesterday I painted my spool holder.

I am loving that extra pop of colour.
Then yesterday afternoon I dug out my UFO's


and yes I do realise that this picture shows some of my OCD tendencies!
These projects all have me feeling bogged down so I feel that I need to face them and not have them hiding in a cupboard.  I posted this pic to Instagram asking people how do they cope / deal with their UFO's.  The response was very inspiring.  I already have 4 less UFOs

One I have gifted to a friend, one has been sold, one has been added to the scrap boxes and one has been called finished! So I have gone from 14 to 10 already and I'm feeling so much better about them but I still need to do something about the other 10.

I am not making a new years resolution or anything as I feel that they are a waste of time but I am going to try and work my way through them.  First up is the only project that was started with an recipient in mind. My oldest son.  So hopefully during January I can make some good progress on Aiden's Big Game Quilt, last seen HERE

Oh and no feeling guilty for new starts.
New starts are fun :o)

hugs Sharon


  1. Good to know I'm not the only one with lurking UFO's dotted around the house and like you I want to either finish, give away or get rid of a few I see a lot of de-cluttering and finishing up of long overdue projects my mantra for 2015. I too wont feel guilty about starting something new as it will be for me and I've been wanting to start on it for a couple of years now ( Rosalie Quinlan's Scandinavian roses BOM) here's to finishing of and starting new projects in 2015 :) Barb.

  2. Happy New Year Sharon.
    yes I'm not into resolutions either, but getting UFOs finished will be a good start.
    the new colours in your daughters room are lovely, nice and fresh!
    and here's to a fantastic 2015 with many finishes and lots of starts!

  3. Happy New Year Sharon....UFO's I have one or two myself...well done the reduction already..x

  4. Happy New Year Sharon. Love how organised your ufos are.

  5. Happy New Year Sharon. I am about to de-clutter my room so I can be a bit more organized to start this years projects. Your room looks great. Hugs......

  6. Good to know you have figured out a plan Sharon!! I've been working on my very last Swoon block so, all goes well, I'll have a top finished in the next few days :) (It was all there, cut out, ready to sew together, in the pile I said I was going to attack ;) ). I'm not into resolutions either, but I am hoping to start making, and seeing through, some real, solid, meaningful goals this year.

  7. Happy 2015! :D I'm looking forward to some good UFO finishing this year, too. But like you, No Guilt over new starts if I feel compelled to put one or two in there!

  8. Oh yes, I love colour too. Your post was timely, I spent all day working on a UFO. I don.t know why I left it, there are enough blocks done, to be able to finish it quite quickly. I confess I have 8 UFO's...
    Happy new year Sharon!

  9. Love the fresh start to the year at your place!

  10. Your daughters room looks great - love the colour.
    Good luck with your UFO's, I am sure you will get through them in no time.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  11. Wow, fantastic makeover - no wonder you want to swap! And talk about organized with your UFOs - I wish! It sounds like you are off to a great start with them. When I feel overwhelmed with mine I tend to make a list and attempt to work from that. It helps me focus on what I am working on and there's great satisfaction when I can stroke one off the list. Happy New Year!

  12. Love the room makeover, it looks so happy and upbeat. I, too, have heaps of UFO's and I'm going back to some of them too. Happy New Year, hope 2015 is wonderful or you and your family.

  13. Hi Sharon, Happy New Year! I hear you on the projects hidden away - good idea to get them out & get them organised - you've inspired me! I look forward to continuing to drop in here to see what you're up to during 2015....

    And don't worry about the L plates - just buy yourself lots of dye to cover the greys you'll acquire, LOL

  14. I never feel guilty for new starts! I completely agree with you, they are fun. How old is Keegan? My 11 year old daughter has very similar tastes in colour and styling in her bedroom.


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