Saturday 10 January 2015

Keeping Busy

Digging out all the UFO's has made a huge mess but that is also good as it allows for a huge clean up and clean out :o) 
I spend way to many hours the other day sorting and organising my fabric stash (above) only to walk through Kmart and see that they had my favourite rolling draws back in stock. 

I grabbed a few more and then I cam home and spent some more time sorting Patterns 
and moving everything around again. 

 These rolling draws are deigned for the pantry buy are great for storing FQ's in them but are AWSOME for storing patterns. Storage Isle in Kmart ..... you can thank me later ;o)

I think I should go back and grab a few more just incase.

The next UFO on my hit list for my #bustingtheUFOsin2015 challenge is out of its box.

A lot more work is needed on this one but for the moment I will slowly work away at needle turning all the triangles on the Orange, Green and Red blocks.

I also had my Sunburst Crochet blanket out and made a little more progress.
60 squares finished so far and many many more to go.  Ive decided bigger is better for this one.

I've also added this baby to the stash.  I have been wanting it for a while and when this one presented itself for an great price and no postage was needed (This box is huge and heavy) I grabbed my Chriatmas cash and ran for it :o)  No plans to start it yet but she will be sitting here waiting for me.

And one last thing. A new swap.
A birthday swap.  All the girls in this one are Bonnie and Camille fans and the idea is to make each girl a small thoughtful gift that they will love and use and then each of us is paired with one secret girl to make her a major Birthday gift.

I am so excited for this one. The first Birthday is February and I'm already plotting.

Until next time, Hugs Sharon


  1. Love the looks of those shelves. Yes, a huge time investment, but you have pictorial evidence to prove it's wonderful!

  2. Love the fabric showcased in the shelves. Everything handy and where you can see what you have.

  3. Wow! It's so colourful. That is major stash envy although if I did lay all mine out like that it probably wouldn't be too far off! I still think those band c fabric collections are the best. Well done on focusing on your UFO's I am determined to use scraps for my natures journey.

  4. You've just inspired me to START tidying up my sewing room - I'm so lucky to have a room to myself, that I've taken it a bit for granted. It's a great idea to store fabric and patterns in clear plastic boxes... I need to see things. Perfect motivation for what will be a very wet couple of days, here in Melbourne. Cheers, Lisa.


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