Monday 10 November 2014

A Mystery BOM by Jen Kingwell

I have been admiring Jen Kingwell's designs for some time.
She has an amazing eye for color. I love how she puts this fabric with that and it just works. 
So when the chance came to sign up for her new Mystery BOM there was no asking me twice.

It will be a mix of hand piecing, machine piecing and applique.

The first installment has been sitting here for nearly a month now and I've been thrown in the deep end with hand piecing ..... yikes. I've not done this before!

It's also given me a reason to break open the Aurifil Threads.

I finished this first bit when Month one first arrived and then away it went.
until tonight.  I am trying to keep on top of this one and my Month two is being posted this week. 


Things didn't start to well as you can see but then I got back on track.

I am trying not to be too critical as I have never hand pieced like this before.
Maybe I will just tell myself that I am going for a "rustic" look.

Month one is now finished.  (It gets appliqued on to the background fabric at  later date).
Time to stalk postie for Month two :o)

If your interested you can find more details here.

hugs Sharon


  1. I'm doing that too BOM too. Mine is not done yet but I hope to do more at our group on Wednesday. The colours are very much out of my comfort zone and I have not included as many different fabrics as the pattern shows.

  2. A very interesting pattern.
    I love hand piecing. The smaller the stitch the better

  3. I think it looks stunning..if it's too rustic for you this is a very rustic house so you can use me as a backstop. Hope you are on the mend and getting plenty of rest..

  4. Very different look for you, but a lovely block. You will be an expert hand piecer before you know it.

  5. It is going to be interesting to see how this one develops. Great start.


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