Friday 31 October 2014

Ripple Love and something new

My Ripple Blanket is so close to being finished.

To give you an idea on size, it is pictured here on a Queen Sized Bed.
All I need to do now is finish sewing in some ends and as soon as my yard order arrives finish off the border.
I am so pleased with how this has grown in only 6 weeks.
I do see another Ripple in my future. Maybe next winter as its great to snuggle under as it grows.

I am also surprising myself and sticking to only one or two crochet projects at a time.
Wish I could do that with the sewing!

So it was time to planning the next project :o)

I've signed up for my first Crochet-A-Long with Wink over at "a creative being"
 "Scheepjes CAL 2014"

I started seeing beautiful blocks in gorgeous colors all over Instagram.
So off I went and ordered my yarn.  I just could not resist the Succulent pack. 
It arrived yesterday :)  I do like it when it comes packaged as advertised in promo shots :o)
Yes, sometimes it is the little things.

It is a Mystery Crochet-a-long. The first 10 weeks are block patterns with the final 2 weeks being assembly and border.

I am itching to start.  Hope this is within my level of know how!

If you are interested in joining in then the first 4 weeks patterns are up on the blog HERE

I'm off to print mine and then coerce someone to go and buy me the right sized hook.
(Damm this not being allowed to drive thing!)
If all else fails I will order on line and start in a few days :o)

Oh, quick question for all my friends who are wool / yarn experts :o)

Where would you recommend I go online to purchase some hand dyed multi coloured yarn?


I am seeing a lot of people knitting socks in delicious colours.  No, I'm not going to knit but I think I would like to play with some pretty colours and a crochet hook.

Until next time.

hugs Sharon.


  1. Gorgeous blanket, you've done really well. Now let's bring back some cold weather to use it!

  2. Your ripple blanket is stunning. I am amazed at how big it is and how quickly you have made it.
    Yes, of course you need to buy more yarn!

  3. Sharon send me the details of the hook you need & where to get it & I'll go get it for you!

  4. Looks amazing Sharon. Well done.

  5. lovely nan crocheted me one before she died and it is always very special.............

  6. Wow - your ripple blanket looks amazing! I'm yet to give crochet a go but am really enjoying seeing your progress.
    In your search for hand-dyed multi-coloured yarn I would highly recommend RuthPlusTwo (she's based in Canberra)- you can access her etsy store via her blog,
    My daughter has a little cardigan knitted in her hand-dyed yarn and when it was washed for the first time it washed really well, hasn't faded etc.
    Good luck!


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