Sunday 3 August 2014

Choosing the right color.

I have wanted a "statement piece" for my sewing room for quite some time.
Then I saw it and I knew it was what I was waiting for!

I made a request a couple of weeks ago that it was all that I wanted for my birthday,
 oh and the promise that the man of the house would paint it for me.
 Oh you should have seen the looks that pursued! lol
But it is here. Glenn and Aiden went and picked it up Saturday morning.
 I love it.

All  of a sudden the man of the house can see my vision.
He will learn one day to just trust me :) lol

I just need the Football Season to finish and the weather to warm up.
In the meantime, I may as well make the most of it :o)

Oh, see those adorably cute Mini Bundles on the left.

They are Layer Cakes refolded. Layer Cake Bundles.
I personally cant think of a better way to show off your Layer Cakes.
So thankful that I only had 4 Layer Cakes or it would have been a late night in Friday
when I folded these :o)

Thank you for popping by.
hugs Sharon


  1. Get painting Sharon - don't wait for Glenn, you can do it!

  2. Ooh. I love the cabinet as it is. Nice style

  3. Love the cabinet even as it is. Silly hubby he should have known......happy wife happy life...

  4. Lovely cabinet. Can't wait to see it finished.

  5. Hi!!!! I love it as is!!!!! I also love love the paint you have chosen!!!!! It will look wonderful!!!!!

  6. The cabinet is beautiful. The color you've selected is perfect.

  7. The cabinet will look wonderful. Your mini bundles are darn cute too.

  8. Lovely colour you've chosen, it's a beautiful home for your fabric treasures.

  9. Love the cupboard and you have chosen a very good colour.

  10. Gorgeous cabinet, Sharon. I love the idea of folding a layer cake and making it into a bundle. Now you can see the different fabrics.

  11. Beautiful piece of furniture and it will be even more special when it's painted that lovely, lovely blue! I'm so glad you were able to get this piece--and that you'll have help with the painting!

  12. Beautiful, such a great way to display your fabric

  13. a gorgeous way to display all of your fabric goodness! Looking forward to seeing it all painted and ready to hold your treasures.


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